Pinball Goes High Tech With HDTV Makeover

Nothing ruins the day quite like finding an OUT OF ORDER sign tacked to the front of our favorite pinball machine. Here to put OUT OF ORDER signs out of business forever is the Ultra Pin (Global VR). Where old-school bumpers, ramps and bonus whirly things would normally be, the Ultra Pin has a 32-inch 16:9 high… » 11/09/06 6:38pm 11/09/06 6:38pm

Franken-Elmo: Man in Virgina Turns Tickle Me Elmo Guitar Into Working…

With Guitar Hero II in stores today—the faithful have called in sick and are already shredding, no doubt—we found a man who clearly puts the Hero in Guitar Hero. Mike Smith spent a series of nights transforming his 2 year old's Tickle Me Elmo guitar into a fully functioning Guitar Hero controller. This was no simple… » 11/07/06 1:36pm 11/07/06 1:36pm